How to find the right balance on horseback?

On February 10, 2017 at the IENA, the first conference of the Association Equi-libre Dynamique was held. I have the honor to share the creation of this association with Patricia Rochat, renowned master saddler of the Rochat Saddlery and Simone Ravenel, equine osteopath and engineer. You were more than 70 people to come and listen to us about the different impacts of the rider's balance on the comfort of his horse. The three discussions focused on the position of the saddle, the back pressures due to the balance of the rider and the postural analysis of the rider. We thank you for listening to this topic.

"Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail" Leonardo da Vinci.

Today, we are all looking for the lasting comfort of our horse. In this day and age when technology is helping us with many applications, it is important not to neglect certain details. "My horse's back hurts! " " I feel crooked in my saddle " " My saddle is damaged on one side " These are the questions we answer with a full service that allows you to harmonize your pair completely in three phases. The first phase consists of checking the saddle in statics and movement, the second phase allows the evaluation of the pressures by means of a mat placed under the saddle equipped with sensors and the third phase is the postural analysis of the rider with and without stirrups at the three gaits on different figures.

How far are you ready to question yourself? What efforts do you make on a daily basis to improve the well-being of your pair? These are the questions I have been interested in for several years now. By observing the daily muscular tensions due to my profession as an equine and human massage therapist, I have been able to discover that the asymmetries of the horse very often correspond to those of the rider. Depending on the dispositions you have in your position (right-handed versus left-handed) or the accidents you have had, your body compensates in one way or another to adjust a comfortable position. During this time, your horse is trying to rebalance the compensations you make on him. So where is the miracle solution, you may ask? Look no further than around you, the solution is you! And we're here to help you guarantee better performance through lasting comfort for your pair.

The next article will deal more specifically with the 10 important points you need to know to improve your position. In the meantime, you are invited to share this one around you by maximizing your chances to make famous this new association Equi-libre Dynamique whose concept is unique in Switzerland. You will find more information on www.facebook.com/equilibre.dynamique.ch

With all my gratitude,

Marie Debombourg, Equine Massage Therapist at EQUINEA

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