How to improve your riding position ?

You must be the change you want to see in this world. Gandhi

What efforts do you make on a daily basis to ensure lasting comfort for your pair? How ready are you to question yourself? These were the topics of the Dynamic Equi-Free Association at the conference held on February 10, 2017 at IENA. The postural analysis of the rider-horse pair that I propose as a complement to equine therapeutic care allows you to have a perspective on your own position. Have you ever taken the time to observe your position? What are your strengths? Through these few lines, let me share with you a few tips to improve your position on horseback or, for that matter, to simply offer a better hold to your pair.

Physical versus Mental

In a known environment, 80% of the quality of a service is the result of a physical preparation beforehand, the remaining 20% is only a question of mental resistance. On the other hand, as soon as adrenaline starts to flow or when a stressful situation arises, the percentage linked to physical servitude falls to less than 20%. This means that the mind takes over at more than 80% and thus reverses the balance. This is why, the importance of physical preparation allows to keep a minimum of knowledge in the holding of one's position on horseback. Therefore, allow yourself the luxury of being physically well prepared muscularly speaking. This leads me to tell you that a warm-up is necessary and obligatory in certain cases.

30 days to change

Studies have shown that a period of 30 days is enough to anchor a permanent habit in the brain. While the first 10 days will be difficult to set up certain processes, the next 10 days will be increasingly easier, and then the last 10 days will be a simple confirmation of your real capacity for change. But where do you start? First, find out: determine what you would like to see change in your daily posture... "My right shoulder is higher than my left", "I ride with a shorter stirrup" "My pelvis is crooked". Before going back to an external cause, already ask yourself if you can improve the situation by yourself and what you can do to remedy it. Determine your strengths and areas for improvement. Then ask for advice from a professional in postural analysis and go for it, you'll be proud of the result!

Minister's Agenda

"I don't have time to warm up! "Because you really think grooming will do the trick? Where do you start? Get organized! It's not enough to arrive at the stables full of determination like a beautiful resolution of the year, but rather to have an organized plan in mind to coordinate your words with your actions. Start by setting a pace that's just like you to create your own little habits and keep them fun. Take the time it takes to warm up both your horse and your horse. This step is an important phase that will save you time later on. You take the time to stretch your horse's forelegs, to make him flexible at the end of the work... But what about yourself ? Except for an extra collarbone, our body is similar to that of your horse. 10 minutes a day will save you 10 physiotherapy sessions because of an injury that could have been avoided. It's worth the effort, isn't it?

Your coach is you!

The next article will deal with the 10 points you need to know to improve your riding position. In the meantime, I invite you to share this one and to discover my page www.facebook.com/equinea and that of the association I co-founded: www.facebook.com/equilibre.dynamique.ch.

With all my gratitude,

Marie Debombourg, Equine and human massage therapist, back specialist and recognized ASCA therapist, also co-founder of the Association Equi-libre dynamique.

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